How Can Loud Hearing Cause You To Have Hearing Loss?

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Did you know that loud hearing is a big cause of many people experiencing hearing loss? Many people don't ever think about this until they are forced to because they start to experience a loss of hearing to some degree.

It is important for you to understand how loud noises can cause you to lose your hearing. Noise can easily cause pain to your ears if it is loud enough. The damage will affect how your ear functions and how well you hear.

Most of the times when a person has damage to their ear it will occur in the cochlea. Loud noises can overload the very small hair cells that are in your ears. This will cause the cochlear structure to change and will in turn reduce the enzymes and other sources of energy in the cochlear fluids.

The fluids are imperative because this is what provides the cells of hair nourishment. When you are constantly exposed to loud noises this will increase the stress to these cells of hair and it will mean that they will eventually fuse together.

This then leads to the disintegration of these fibers and the cells will eventually disappear. This will mean permanent damage to anyone that is exposed to noises that are loud on a consistent basis.

Now that you understand how loud hearing can cause you to develop a loss of hearing it is imperative that you know the two most common ways that many people experience loud noises on a consistent basis.

One: Work environment – Many people work in an environment that causes them to be around loud noises for anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day. This is a big cause of many people losing their hearing.

The best way to prevent a loss of hearing in this environment is to wear ear protection. This will stop your loss of hearing from getting worse than it already is also.

Two: Recreational – There are many times that you will do a recreational activity that includes exposure to loud noises for long periods of time. Each time you do these activities you are affecting your hearing more and more.

Some of the different recreational activities that can cause problems with hearing include:

– Sitting next to loud speakers when going to concerts – Going to dance clubs that play really loud music – Use of headphones and ear buds at a level that is too high – Loud stereos in your vehicle or at home

There are many others and you need to be aware of the ones that you do that involve loud noise. This way you can be sure and wear ear protection so you don't damage your hearing anymore than you already have.

Now that you understand how loud hearing can cause you to experience a loss of hearing and the different ways that you may come in contact with loud noises; you will be able to do your best to prevent any more hearing loss.

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