Hole In The Eardrum

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The eardrum is a thin membrane between the outer and middle ear, which aids the hearing process. Sound travels through the outer ear causing the eardrum to vibrate. These vibrations are then transmitted through the middle ear and inner ear, before reaching the brain as nerve signals, where they are interpreted as sound. Sometimes, an infection or injury may cause a hole in the eardrum, for which the attention of an experienced ENT specialist may be needed.

A hole in the eardrum is known as a 'perforation' or 'rupture'. In most cases, a hole in the eardrum will heal by itself. However in some cases, the perforation may cause a discharge from the ear, which may lead to conductive hearing loss. If you are suffering from hearing loss, you should consult with an ENT specialist, who will examine your ear before making a diagnosis. Generally, ENT specialists use a special instrument called an auriscope to identify a hole in the eardrum.

The ENT specialist will also check for the presence of hidden infections behind the perforation, and conduct various tests to determine the amount of hearing loss. If the perforation has recently occurred, then usually no treatment is required as the eardrum may simply heal by itself. If the hole in the eardrum causes discharge, deafness or discomfort, then antibiotics may be prescribed. Surgery may be advised only in rare cases when the patient does not respond to treatment.  

Surgery to repair a hole in the eardrum is known as myringoplasty. If you have been advised surgery, your ENT surgeon will discuss all aspects of the surgery with you in detail, to help you make an informed decision on whether to proceed with it. During the surgery, the ENT surgeon will usually make a cut behind the ear, before placing an eardrum graft against the eardrum. In a few cases, the ENT surgeon may have to use a drill to widen the ear canal so that he or she can access the eardrum.

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