History Of Tattoo

Human being has been trying different things to look unrelated to other people. People in every part of world have used different patterns to create their own identity. Some of them have used tattoo as their identity while others have used them for their personal discrimination from others on behalf of some extra qualities that make them superior from others.Tattoo can be simply defined as patterns on the body made by the use of paints of different kinds and colours. Most of the time the purpose of tattoo is to get a permanent painted pattern of any kind on a special part of body or on the complete body.Tattooing has been there for many years and it has been used for many different purposes like to express some bravery or valour among a group of people or it was used to mark people who had been punished for something. It was also practised for the identification of people into their separate tribes or groups. It has been also practised as an art form by people who were good at painting or drawing things. A tattoo is also said to be the representative of the person's personality.

In different regions of world tattoo making was different like in African countries the complete body of a person was tattoo or the women were tattoo on special parts of their body. These people also tattoo their body to worship their gods and to make them happy. They tattoo their body in a permanent way so that they can resemble their god. All the tattoo patterns have their own special meanings. Some meant about the power on the human body while others were representative of the life and death.Other regions of world those were very popular for tattoo making include China, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Some South American countries like Mexico are known for their tattoo making for a very long time. The natives of America called red Indians previously are also familiar to tattoo making for a very long time like centuries. The old Egyptians were also very used to of making tattoos on human bodies as there paintings on the tomb walls and other art works show that they used tattoos for different purposes. Like the African people used different colours in for their tattooing purposes. The use of colour also had the impact on the purpose of tattooing. While some used only black liquid material for tattooing purposes.

In old days it was thought to be very difficult process of getting tattoo as small needles were used to draw the tattoo patterns on the body. It caused a lot of pain for many days until all the wounds have healed. Only some professionals were present in those times who knew how to make a tattoo on a human skin without giving less pain.As the time has passed and everything has changed in a way that the process has been minimized and made a lot easier then the early one.

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