Heart Tattoos- Unique Expression For Love

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We all are aware of the fact that hearts are a very common motif for making tattoos. This particular design has been into practice since the concept of tattooing gained popularity amongst sailors. Heart tattoos portrays both love and hatred. Each of its designs represents something different from the other. People choose the patterns suiting their own styles and expressions. Most of these art designs tend to characterize the feelings of love, passion, adoration and happiness. But on the other hand there are tattoos with pessimistic feeling as well. Some of the common ones include broken heart, bleeding heart, pierced heart, hearts with dagger, and so on.

Both men and women choose this particular design for expressing their emotion for their beloved. More often it is seen that a heart tattoo is inked on a person who is into a love relationship or is truly committed towards his/her partner. If you particularize the masculinity, then heart tattoo designs look great on biceps and chest when a man wears it. You will find different designs available in the market, which are specifically designed for men. Some of the popular ones are as followed below:

Human Heart:

This is a very common design that depicts love and other pessimistic meanings as well. The design also stands as a symbol for heart related diseases. Making an anatomical heart design seems extraordinary and with time the design started gaining much popularity among men.

Intertwined Heart:

This particular symbol represents togetherness and commitment of two people who are deeply in love. You can add your beloved's name there in between the two hearts to make the person feel special. A heart symbol that is sealed or entwined portrays that you are into a steady relationship. It is one of the most popular heart tattoos that symbolize adoration, affection, fondness and passion.

Broken/Bleeding Heart:

Now, this is exactly opposite to the previous designs. A bleeding heart always depicts broken relationship, lost love, suffering, betrayals, rejection, refusals and so on. This kind of motifs can never be suitable for permanent inking.

Heart with Dagger:

This symbol has a double meaning and it stands for both courage and denial. Now, it depends on the wearer to pick up the one that he wishes to symbolize. Heart tattoos coming with daggers also depicts the outer and inner conflict in an individual's life.

Such tattoo ideas come for females as well. Other than these, Celtic, tribal, heart with wings, heart for lower back are some of the popularly known female tattoo designs in the list. Be it male or female, every individual must remember that whatever inking is chosen, it must be done with special care and attention. Always make a detailed study before inking or else there can be problems if proper care is not taken.

So, pick up the most versatile heart tattoo design for yourself and get inked today. Let the world know about your unique expression towards your love and see what compliments you receive.

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