Hearing Protection- The Era of Hearing Protection Devices

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Owing to the health hazards that it creates, loud sound is often considered a ubiquitous pollutant. Employees and workers in manufacturing and industrial plants witness extremely noisy surroundings. There have been significant developments in the field of noise engineering, monitoring especially in industrial sectors such as aviation, construction, mining, manufacturing and many others. Hearing protection and conservation practices have made it possible for employers to take responsibility for employee hearing loss. Noise control programs and agendas include the adoption of adequate equipment that would allow employees to work with reduced hazardous effects of heavy noise.

Companies dealing in hearing protection devices use the latest technologies such as mp3 formats and Bluetooth technology. The approach is to minimize the gap between loud noise communication and hearing speech. They use innovative technologies that suppress noise, enhance speech, and at the same time reduce adverse background noises, ensuring the user hearing and speech security in an otherwise noisy environment. They sell their products to clients and customers around the world through a chain of distributors and dealers.

Popular hearing protection devices include high-end earmuffs, plug range and other muff variants. They symbolize a paradigm shift in the manner in which people communicate in high noise surroundings.

  • Revolutionizes occupational hearing loss prevention and protection in military, defense, industrial, hospitality, commercial, entertainment, aviation and other allied fields

  • Offers a comprehensive high-noise communication system and ensures that employees are able to communicate with each other, at both long and short distances, through Bluetooth cell phone and two-way radio

  • The hearing devices are equipped with a 360 degree binaural location awareness that allows users to identify the background they are in

  • The new age hearing protection devices assists in communication even surroundings above 85Db

  • MP3 interface

  • The devices are equipped with high visibility color

  • Allows Bluetooth communication to 95Db

  • The ear tops are replaceable

Occupational hearing loss is one of the acute auditory hazards that employees and workers have to undergo today. It is time that organizations invest in apt hearing protection equipment and safety ear muffs that would aid this chronic ailment as well as facilitate work.

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