Hearing Protection Muffs The Era of Innovative Ear Muffs

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Hearing loss due to environmental noise is a crucial health hazard today, and it is on the rise. When it comes to treatments, a permanent cure seems difficult. However, it is definitely preventable. Noise induced hearing loss can be generated from industrial noise and amplified sounds in events, concerts, nightclubs and many others. Industrial sectors such as aviation, mining, transportation, construction, manufacturing and engineering industries contribute to heavy noise. Therefore, employers today must invest in hearing protection muffs to prevent hearing loss amongst their employees and workforce.

Generally, there are three levels of noise hazards:

  • Impact noise (explosion or gunshot)

  • Intermittent noise ( a heavy vehicle passing)

  • Continuous noise (machinery running constantly)

Today, there are companies that have introduced an innovative range of hearing protecting muffs that aid various noise risks. These industrial hearing protection devices have the technology to eradicate noise induced hearing loss. They help in cell phone, two-way radio and face-to-face communication in any environment that is prone to loud noise. In addition to that, the industrial hearing protection have an advanced Bluetooth technology that offers the highest degree of communication by optimizing speech clarity and hearing. Further, they minimize any unwanted loud sounds. Other features of these hearing muffs include:

  • Replaceable ear tips

  • Two-way radio interface

  • High-visibility color option

  • Embedded binaural capability that helps users hear the direction of atmospheric sounds and speech

  • Users can make out surrounding sounds as well as speech

  • Allows communication in any kind of high noise surroundings

In order to prevent hearing loss in extreme noise surroundings and enable effective communication, service providers have come up with double ear hearing protection earmuffs. This is imperative in industrial sectors like mining, aviation and construction. Unlike conventional earmuffs that would not allow workers to recognize their surroundings, the new age double hearing earmuffs help in identifying background noise with their advanced sound detection feature. At the same time, it reduces hazardous background sounds that are unnecessary while keeping the natural sound quality unaltered. Further, the earmuffs have a rugged outlook, for normal or heavy-duty use. Other features include:

  • Facilitates communication in surroundings up to 120 dB (A)

  • Equipped with long-lasting and adjustable headband

  • There are easy buttons for tactile modification without taking off the earmuffs

  • There are soft ear cushions that allows them to be worn for a long time without feeling uncomfortable

Companies that are researching hearing protection muffs are trying to come out with an improved solution in forthcoming years to prevent hearing loss.

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