Hearing Protection For a Safe And Guaranteed Life

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Working in high noise environments for prolonged periods without sufficient protection leads to permanent hearing loss. Normal and effective communication is hampered leading to serious risks to an individual exposed to such conditions. These high noise environments are laden with life-threatening situations which can get out of control anytime and also cause death. The employees who lose their hearing abilities are crippled for life, and their lives are at stake all the time. Thus those working in such precarious conditions need to be provided with noise protection gears such as electronic ear muffs and ear plugs.

Modern and sophisticated technology is used to manufacture these hearing loss prevention devices. They are extremely comfortable and facilitate the normal functioning without any hindrances. The electronic ear muffs eliminate the background noise and enhance easy face to face communication for short distances. These devices can also be used over long distances via the two way radio, Bluetooth cell phone or any other communication medium.

The electronic noise protection devices have distinctive features that aid in communication enablement in environments up to 105 db, provide protection from impacting, continuous and intermittent noises and facilitate communication headset while making the user aware of the surroundings. They are equipped with binaural capabilities that help in hearing the direction of the speech and other sounds. It has a two-way radio interface and helps face to face communication up to 97 db. The users can communicate within short distances of up to 50 meters.

The users experience maximum comfort due to the adjustable and robust headbands with extra soft ear cushions. Buttons are provided for adjusting the settings without removing the ear muffs. The products are designed for rugged use with a 12 year warranty. These devices can be used for continuous talking for more than 12 hours. Employers or businesses that deal in treacherous conditions need to ensure complete hearing protection for their employees for their safety and a long lasting business.

A negligent or ignorant attitude to adopt precautionary measures against occupational hearing loss results in loss of innocent and precious lives and also jeopardizes the survival of business. Investing in the electronic ear muffs ensure a healthy environment with quality measures to check the occupational hazards. Taking initiatives to provide a safe environment to the employees yield in greater contributions from a happier and satisfied workforce.

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