Hearing Protection Do We Take It Seriously

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There are many different situations and locations that you can be in that can prove to be very dangerous to the health of your ears. Most importantly, hearing protection should be a top concern for anyone that works in an extremely noisy atmosphere. Hearing protection is an absolute must.

Not to be taken lightly, you must remember to wear your hearing protection for situations like shooting ranges, mowing the lawn, using a simple tool in the garage etc. Remember, its not just loud piercing sound levels that will cause damage. A lot of damage is done just by having more than a few minutes of exposure.Your ears are one of the most sensitive and delicate organs within the human body.

It is extremely important that we provide the best protection for the ears mainly because when you suffer any type of hearing/ear damage, it's usually not revers able. Some people think that hearing protection should only be worn at the “shooting range” or at a “stock car race”. This simply is not true. The most common cause of hearing loss is from long exposures to sounds that are just above 85 decibels.

Luckily as the years go by, hearing protection devices have become commonplace in many of the workplaces such as factories and heavy industrial areas. A lot of companies are required to offer free hearing protection to protect its employees. Some fields are still unregulated or the protection is fully the responsibility of the worker. In those situations, you really find that a lot of people just simply do not take advantage of proper protection.

The most common for of free protection that is given out to employees and visitors in loud environments are the soft foam ear plugs. These are one size fits all plugs that can be easily pressed into the ear canal. Obviously, these aren't the “best” option for protection, but they do help. In certain situations, this type of hearing protector is all you are going to need.

Often people get confused when looking for hearing protection. In reality, it isn't really that tough. You really need to just sit and focus on what your needs are and do some research. The main thing I tell people is that you should check online, but don't go straight to a retailers site. You must get in and find personal stories from real people that have used different types.

There are many stories on the internet where people make great reviews of many of the top units. One other reason that I like to look at personal blogs etc is that they usually are 3rd party, which makes them unbiased. I personally recommend a set of headphone or earmuff type devices.

Not only do they have a hard protective shell on the outside that stops a lot of noise, but many of the higher end units will only block out loud sounds. There are filters in the units, actually electronically controlled that sense the sound. These are great for places where you need to be able to hear people talking, but at the same time, need great protection from overly loud sounds.

All in all, the way to prevent hearing loss or inner ear damage is by being responsible and wearing hearing protection in any situation where you even think there is a remote possibility of injury.

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