Hearing Loss Problems For Americans

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Hearing loss affects more than 31.5 million Americans and two thirds of them are older than 55 and less than half ever seek treatment. What you should be aware of as you grow older in this case is hearing loss because impaired hearing can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Taking older people into consideration, what happens when they have hearing impairments is that they withdraw, become depressed, and may even die before their time.

The extent of a hearing loss problem is often disregarded by people until family or friends bring it to their attention and this is a process which develops through the years. If you want to help your mom see where she stands, here is a simple test. Is she experiencing any trouble hearing over the telephone? Is she frequently asking others to repeat themselves? Is she experiencing difficulties when it comes to understanding people in groups or in noisy situations? Is there a constant problem when it comes to knowing where sounds are coming from? Is she unable to understand when someone talks to her from another room? Considering that she cannot understand, does she avoid family meetings or social situations?

Taking this into consideration, she might have a hearing problem if she answered yes to three or more of these questions. Other than consulting an audiologist for a hearing evaluation, she should also consult an otolaryngologist, a doctor who specializes in ear, nose and throat disorders.

In such a situation, she might need to use hearing aids too. There have been dramatic improvements when it comes to hearing aids because of advances in design and technology. Here, she should work with an audiologist to locate the best kind for her.

There are also the assistive devices. When it comes to these, they work perfectly if you have less than perfect hearing. Included in this case are assistive listening devices, telephone amplifying devices, TV and radio listening systems, and alert products like flashing light doorbells and smoke detectors.

People who are suffering from severe hearing loss can undergo cochlear implant surgery. There are millions of Americans who need hearing aids but can't afford them and so a great program was developed. In this case, you have a new non-profit service which helps people purchase new hearing aids at greatly discounted prices.

It is important here that your income level is no higher than 2 1/2 times the national poverty level. Other than having available financing plans, there will be no asset test here. Considering that you are eligible, you will receive an examination by a hearing health professional and you will also be fitted with new, digital behind the ear hearing aids.

You will be provided with routine follow up visits and you will get discounts that range between 30 percent and 75 percent. Available in many states is a telecommunications equipment distribution program and what they do is provide free telephone equipment to people with hearing problems. You can get information from their web site but be sure to check with your local phone company too.

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