Hearing Loss Prevention With Advanced Earplugs

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With the increase in the industrial noise pollution, companies and enterprises are looking forward to ways and means on how to curb the same. Any loud noise has an adverse effect on the auditory health of the worker, leading in permanent hearing loss and other critical nerve related ailments. Since, the work has to go on in factories, mines and aircraft terminals and other places which are prone to heavy noise surroundings, it is essential that workers are given appropriate hearing protection equipments.

Today every almost every company is striving to fight occupational hearing loss. Presently, the market offers you eminent service providers that deliver efficient hearing loss prevention alternatives with the use of their product. The hearing protection devices that are on offer by these companies help in enhancing the speech quality by isolating the excess background noise. It takes the noise to a secure level so that the workers are able to hear the speech clearly and remain protected at the same at their given surrounding.

These advanced hearing protection devices successfully addresses the two crucial reasons for which most workers remove their hearing equipments temporarily. The reasons are , the need to interact with other members and to gather what is going on in the background. These new age devices address these two requirements and hence work towards eradicating Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

The innovative and advanced hearing protection devices are available in the form of earplugs offering a worker or user a diverse range of benefits. The features and advantages are listed below-

1. Enables communication in environments beyond 5 dB (A)

2. Secures the wearer from all types of noise, namely Impact, Intermittent, Continuous

3. The wearer is safely able to hear his surroundings whilst also hearing speech

4. Has a Binaural capability that makes the user hear the direction of speech and other allied sounds as well

5. The speaker is limited to 82 dB (A) in ear

6. Facilitates a face- to- face communication up to 95dB

7. MP3 Interface

8. Replaceable Ear tips

9. High visibility color

10. Offers a continuous talk time for over 12 hours

11. Industrial ruggedized

12. Comes with a 12mth warranty

13. Has got a two-way radio interface

14. Comes with a wireless Bluetooth connection to cellular phones and other Bluetooth equipments

Hence, we see that popular service providers with noise cancelling earplugs are able to deliver a complete high noise communication solution to the industrial workers and other users. You need to identify the kind of device you need to protect your employees from heavy noise, and the market today will offer the best product catering to your requirement.

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