Hearing Impairment Causes And Cure

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The problem of hearing impairment is not new. For all who are blessed with elderly relatives, know for sure how troublesome this condition can prove to be not only for the ones suffering from it but also for those who are living among them. However, the condition of hearing impairment is not restricted to age alone. There can be a vast number of factors that can cause people to lose their hearing abilities at very early ages. This can be as early as birth and childhood. Like all other diseases and disabilities, even the condition of hearing loss in Kolkata has shown considerable increase. Noise is blamed as one of the primary reasons behind this unfortunate disability. Constant honking of horns, crackers and loud speakers, loud music in the discotheques so on and so forth (that is, long term exposure to environmental noise pollution ) are only the tip of the ice berg.

There are about a thousand other causes that lead to loss in the ability to hear. After age and environmental noise exposure, genetic causes are upheld as reason for hearing loss. If most of the immediate-family members have suffered / are suffering impairment, the coming generation may also suffer the same. Many diseases and illnesses are associated with the same. For example, extreme cases of measles can result in auditory nerve damage. Meningitis can damage both auditory nerves and cochlea. Even mumps can result in hearing impairment either in one ear or, both ears. Along with a host of other diseases, the AIDS victims suffer severe auditory nerve damage or various other conditions that cause hearing impairment. Chlamydia, premature birth, chemotherapy, syphilis etc. can also lead to considerable damage to the ears.

Besides these, medications may result in hearing loss. Aminoglycocides and platinum based chemotherapeutics are linked with hearing impairment. These damages can be irreversible. Some medication that are known to cause temporary reversible damages are aspirin, NSAIDS etc. Heavy hydrocodone based medication can also cause damages which can last forever. Physical trauma like skull fracture can lead to the same effect. No matter what the reason behind hearing loss is, the fact remains that one can avail easy and handy solution to it. While treatment that will restore normal auditory functioning cannot always be guaranteed, one can get one of those little devices, which are popularly known as hearing aid to get back to 'hearing'.

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