Hearing Health Care Secrets

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Every person who has hearing loss, hearing defects or hearing impairments can be helped to hear clearly again with the use of three basic hearing health care secrets for a better hearing. It is true that if a person used to have normal hearing, a mild hearing impairment or hearing loss does not necessarily require hearing aids or any significant loss that requires them. Before I disclose the secrets for a better hearing, it is important for readers to know that hearing happens inside our brains and not in the mechanical part of the body which is our ears. Sound vibrations only pass through our ears and the ears will send the message or signal to the brain. The brain now combines the information that was gathered with regards to what you expect to hear with what you have seen. Once the brain was able to put the messages all together, we expect to understand and hear what was said. The listening tips that will be discusses are going to deal with your eyes, your ears as well as in your brain. Keep in mind that we are able to hear best when all three factors were combined and working altogether, helping each other to achieve the kind of result that the body needs.

Secret no. 1: Keep an eye on the speaker. It is important for all people to know that our ears and eyes work together to give our brain the right amount of information that it needs for us to hear and understand at the same time. You have to use your eyes so that you can help your ear to hear better. In order to do that, you can move in closer to the speaker so that you can have a clear view of his or her face. This could help you read their lips as well as to watch for their facial expressions which could add a lot to your understanding of the discourse.

Secret no. 2: Lessen your background noise. We are able to listen and hear clearly when we are in a quiet environment. So you have to basically reduce the background noise! It is really much easier than you think it is. When on a conversation, you can turn down the volume of the television or just press the mute button so that you could clearly hear and understand what the speaker is telling you. Water also serves as a great masker during every conversation, so you have to turn off the faucet as well. Researches about hearing health care practices have proven that most people have trouble hearing as well as understanding over the presence of a running water. You can try to go to a more discreet area before going into a deep conversation.

Secret no. 3: Pay attention! This is now the brain part. Remember that hearing happens in our brain. If you are not really listening or is not paying attention to what the speaker is saying, then you will not really understand the conversation. So you have to give your full attention so that you will be able to hear and understand better.

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