Hearing Aid Scenarios

Not sure whether or not to begin a life that includes hearing aid assistance? Read the scenarios outlined below and decide whether or not it is time for you to investigate your hearing aid options. Make no mistake: Good hearing aids can change your life. Are you ready?

Scenario 1: Ellen seems to always be asking people to repeat themselves. She also feels less in tune to the world. Whether the conversation involves directions to a party or the sweet music emitting from her five year-old granddaughters violin during a recital, her gradual hearing loss is just enough to make her feel as if she is not experiencing life to the fullest.

Scenario 2: Peter has resisted any sort of help, seeing assistance as admitting that he is growing older. He has stopped responding to those around him, and even though his family members try to convince him otherwise, he refuses to have his hearing checked. As a result, anyone wishing to communicate with Peter must stand close and yell into his ear. Peter's children talk often about the man they used to talk with for hours. They feel as if their father is retreating into a dark depression because he no longer feels part of the family conversations, and they worry that his problem is getting worse by the day.

Scenario 3: Maria has had a persistent ringing in her ears for a month now. She feels as if someone is holding a bell against her head. This ringing makes her feel intermittently dizzy and checked-out. Finally, she takes her friend's advice and goes to see a doctor, who diagnoses her and also detects early hearing loss. Maria decides to be proactive and chooses her first set of hearing aids.

Whether your scenario matches one of the above or you have your own unique concerns, it never hurts to make an appointment to see the audiologist. Do yourself a favor and enjoy all the hearing world has to offer. The hearing aid is an incredible invention that has given so many people their lives back. Join the hearing world once again by opting to use them.

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