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Due to increasing number of patients with hearing loss or hearing defects and the recent demands of hearing aids, manufacturer's design hearing aids are seen to make more profit on the business. Moreover, people do patronize what is the latest in the market that's why manufacturers improved their products to be more suited not only to the fads but for the users to be more comfortable of them.

This is also the reason why digital hearing aids were designed with more features on feedback reduction, noise reduction, and speech enhancement and with directional microphones. These added features are for the purpose of giving comfort to the users.

The digital hearing aids were manufactured to give more comfort and satisfaction to the users in the sense that environmental sounds are reduced because of modernized features like the signal- specific band dependence, knee pints with lower compression thresholds and more channels. This makes the device more comfortable to users.

Aside from this, there are other features which make the device more advanced. To monitor for feedback while this devise is in use, there is the so-called feedback reduction system. In the event the user is eating, usually the jaws moves and produce sounds. But with this feature, feedbacks are already eliminated because it has the cancellation filter included in the device.With the noise reduction feature included in the devise, noise coming in specific bands or in low frequencies are likewise reduced. Moreover, it is easy for the user to recognize words spoken by other persons.

For increasing intensity of voices, the digital speech enhancement technology is added in the modern digital hearing aids. This device is even comfortable to the user even when in travel and passing bumpy roads because of its directional microphones installed in the said hearing aids.

Although there analog hearing aids are still used by many patients, digital hearing aids may proceed on its way to completely replaced it.

Users have different perceptions on the effectiveness of the hearing aids that is out in the market. It is a normal expectation of buyers/users that the new model coming out could be more effective than the old ones. That's why manufacturers of these hearing devices do not make their newly manufactured products conform to the modern trends but to generate more profits as well. Manufacturers are always trying to include new advancements in order that the products would be more attractive to the users.

These digital hearing aids are more advantageous compared to the old models because it compensates on the kind of hearing defects the user has. These devices can be set up just for the user's defects in some areas or it could only be for hearing voices restricting other sounds. In most cases, these devices can protect the users from very loud noise or sounds because it can just cause damage to the ears. It is adjustable to control the sound that the user wants to hear and reject those which are unwanted.

Remember hearing aids of whatever sort or kind has only the purpose of amplifying sounds to the users and not exactly to completely heal the hearing defect.

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