Hearing Aid Devices Bring Back The Sounds of Life

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It is a well-known fact that hearing aids can bring back the sounds of life to a person who has been suffering from hearing loss. Over the past ten years, my mother began to experience hearing loss issues, and as you can imagine the situation had deteriorated over that time. Certainly it was frustrating for her; at family functions, she would put on a brave face, smile a lot, and try to read lips of those around her. But in reality she was quiet for the part most did not participate much in conversation. Initially she was reluctant to consider a remedy, let alone acknowledge that she had a problem. But with a little coaxing and our constant urging, she acquiesced and went to the doctor for a hearing aid device. As a doctor-friend of mine put it to me, the first challenge is to accept that hearing loss exists, while the second is finding a professional that can guide you.

When we think of hearing aid devices one conjures a vision of an elderly person holding a trumpet shaped device to their ear and shouting “what” repeatedly. At the end of the day, the ear trumpet was the holy grail of hearing aids. Created originally in the 1600's by a Jesuit priest and mathematician, it was considered a significant advance in the field of hearing loss, and was refined throughout the 19th century. The advent of the transistor age, then a digital age in the 21st century had vastly changed the Hearing Aid device, long making the ear trumpet an artifact.

I would think that Hearing Aid devices were as varied in 1600's, are they are today. Likewise, I would be willing to bet that those constructed with higher quality fetched a greater price. So it is the same today. Simply stated, Hearing Aid devices are those that amplify sound which replaces the hearing deficit for the user. But the varying types and levels of quality make choosing the right device challenging at best. And of course, we did our best. Not intentionally going cheap nor extravagant either, my mother chose the best one for her lifestyle.

Soon she was well fitted with her new Hearing Aid device, and thrilled that she had a good portion of hearing back. However, there were still issues, and over time, we found she was struggling again and using “what” more often than not. How could be that the device started off so well, and then suddenly did not seem to be as good as it initially was? Unbeknownst to us at the time, improper fitting is often one of the biggest challenges when getting a Hearing Aid device, and can lead to adjustment problems if left unaddressed. There are many companies that offer and fit these devices, and they are able to so legally, no matter if they are located in a hospital, strip mall, etc. During her last visit, she lost one of the Hearing aid devices. Set them both on the nightstand, and the next day one was gone. With no options available, she had to buy a new pair. They were well fitted; she was happy and could hear quite well. So if you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, be sure to look into getting a hearing aid. It can be the one thing that can improve and change your life forever.

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