GN Resound Hearing Aids – Are They The Best Value For Money?

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For your reference a GN ReSound Price Comparison chart is provided. Note that these prices represent the cost of the hearing aid per ear. If you are purchasing the Hearing Aidsa for both the ears you price will double. The price includes the aftercare service provided by the manufacturer and the store owneers, the replacement of the device in case of any accidental damage, the warraty and the price of any batteeeries included with the device. Inclusion of any other services will add up to the price.

The GN ReSound Price Comparison chart provided below is only for your reference. The actual price offered by the stores might be different. You may get a better deal if there are any promotions running currently, or any other offers published by the store owners or the manufacturers.

The GN ReSound Price Comparison, in the ascending order of the prices, is as follows:

The Essence model costs you around 500 The Alera 560 (Non-Wireless) model costs you 800 The Sparx model costs you 900 The Alera 561 (Wireless) model too costs you 900 The Live 5 model too costs you 900 The Be 7 model costs 1100 The Alera 760 (Non-Wireless) too costs you 1100 The Live 7 model costs you 1200 The Alera 761 (Wireless) model too costs you 1200 The Be 9 model costs you 1300 the Alera 960 (Non-Wireless) model costs you 1400 The Live 9 model costs you 1500 The Alera 961 (Wireless) model too costs you 1500

As the models Azure, Ziga, Xplore, Plus5, Dot2 are obsolete, this chart does not cover the cost of these models. As these models are obsolete, you may get a good price, if you go for them. However, the service offered by the manufacturers for these models, and any of the accessories that will be supplied will be very much limited. you need to make a decision regarding this.

The above chart covers the prics only for the hearing aid per year. Your price might go up if you are going for two hearing aids. The inclusion of any of the accessories like Unite TV Streamer, Unite Phone Clip, Unite Remote control will add up to your prices. Check whether your model supports these accessories or not before your purchase.

The price of any additional maintenance kits that you might opt for these devices will add up to the price provided in the above chart. Various devices like soft cleaning brushes, drying kits, cushioned compartments for storing the hearing aids are available in the market.

The models usually come with battery kit, lasting for few days. You may consider purchasing the batteries in addition to the device. Purchasing the batteries in bulk might reduce the over price of the batteries. However, you need to consider the storage of these batteries in a safe place.

Usually purchasing them online might get you much better deal than the prices provided in the GN ReSound Price Comparison above. But the online purchases may not cover the various services offered by the store owners. You should consider this fact before you decide about from where you are going to purchase.

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