Four Important Factors to Consider While Getting a Body Piercing in London

Are you considering getting body piercing in London? Undoubtedly, it's a powerful, quirky and stylish way to reveal your free spirit. The following tips will help you become a proud owner of this exotic form of body art.

Choosing a London Piercing Shop

Now that body piercings have catapulted to the big league of fashion, all sorts of piercing shops have sprung up in London. It's very important to choose a London piercing shop that adheres to safety procedures to minimize the risk of getting an infection. When you visit a piercing shop, discuss about the safety precautions being used there. Clarify whether the piercer wears fresh gloves and uses proper hand wash techniques. Only brand new disposable needles and sterile tools should be used for each procedure.

Part of Body to be pierced

The part of the body to be pierced ultimately depends upon your personal preference. Conventional choices such as ear and nose piercings are still popular among adolescents and grownups. Facial piercings on the eyebrows and lips are prominent and a good way to attract people's attention. Oral piercings on the tongue, genital piercings and nipple piercings are widely believed to enhance sexual pleasure. To top it off, there is nothing better than a sexy navel piercing to reveal your seductive charms. Other body surfaces that can be considered for body piercings include hips, wrists and the scruff of neck.

Body Jewelry

When you get a body piercing in London, you also need to research into the types of body jewelry that you can wear. Some people develop an allergy with inexpensive jewelry. Gold, surgical steel, titanium, glass, silicon and plastic (PTFE) are some of the safe and popular materials used for body piercings. Body jewelry is available in a variety of intriguing or simplistic designs. Some of the trending shapes include barbells, spirals, nipple shields, glass spirals and the ever popular studs and rings.


It is very important to follow care instructions after getting a body piercing in London to prevent infection. It must be remembered that certain piercings take more time to heal and are susceptible to infections for a longer period than other types of piercings. Oral piercings require special precautions such as keeping the mouth clean and not smoking or drinking during the healing period. In general, do not remove body jewelry during the healing period. Rotate the jewelry only when cleaning. Rinse the area and use an anti bacterial soap while showering.

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