Forward Helix ear piercing – All About Forward Helix Piercings

Forward Helix ear piercing

Forward helix ear piercing is a very special piercing at the front top part of your ears cartilage. Helix is what called the outer rim of your ear, so the forward helix is exactly in the the front side of the rim close to your face.

That place makes this kind of piercing very easy to notice on you. This type of piercing is known to be popular among the rock stars.

The forward helix ear piercing is quickly gaining popularity as both a single piercing and as multiples.  It is both sassy and sweet in that while it is extremely visible, it is also very feminine and can be made quite dainty depending on jewellery choice.  Most commonly, people are leaning toward a trio of jewelled barbells of descending sizes in the triple forward helix, often abbreviated as the ‘T.F.H.’.

Forward helix ear piercing –

Forward Helix piercing types

This piercing is devided into the following types:

by piercing type:

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided

by number of piercings:

  • Single
  • Multiple
Single forward helix ear piercing

Single forward helix ear piercing

Multiple forward helix ear piercing

Multiple forward helix ear piercing

Jewellery for Forward helix ear piercings

The best jewellery for your daith piercing is:

  • ball closure ring (BCR) / captive bead ring (CBR)
  • barbell
  • curved barbell
  • circular barbell
Captive bead ring forward helix

Captive bead ring forward helix

Curved barbell forward helix

Curved barbell forward helix

Circular barbell forward helix

Circular barbell forward helix

Barbell forward helix

Barbell forward helix

Forward helix ear piercing procedure

The piercer will begin by placing markings on the forward helix and you will be allowed to see it. You may also express your opinions about it; whether you like it a bit higher, lower or separated. Once the ear is sanitized, the piercer will usually use a receiving tube to brace the tissue for the piercing. The piercer will use a needle to create the perforation on your cartilage, place a jewelry you selected and secure it in by tightening the ball.

Please, note that the piercer must only use a needle NOT a gun to pierce your ear. Forward helix is a cartilage, so using a gun may result in the shattering of your cartilage that can lead to a deformation in the ears. In addition to that, the gun may also cause infection because guns cannot be well sterilized.

Forward helix ear piercing procedure video

Forward helix ear piercing pain

It is known that a forward helix ear piercing procedure may hurt a little more than a regular helix ear piercing. Most people rate the pain from 5-7 of 1-10 scale with 10 being the most painful.

Specific complications

The inflammatory process in this type of piercing can spread to the face. This piercing done incorrectly can lead to a plethora of unsightly problems including rejection, heavy visible scarring, keloids and even cauliflower ear.

Elayne Angel

Elayne Angel

Forward helix ear piercing typical healing time is within 8-12 weeks with good care, though multiple piercings should of course, lengthen that time.

The history of Helix piercing

The first modern implementation of this type of piercing was performed by the master with an alias Crystal Cross (Crystal Cross) Elaine angel (Elayne Angel)

Forward Helix piercing price

As any other type of piercing it will cost differently from one piercing shop to another. The price for an individual forward helix ear piercing can range anywhere from $30-90, not counting additional charges for jewellery. Multiple piercings would cost more.

Forward helix ear piercing videos


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