Fly Like Tattoos

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If your thinking about getting your first tattoo or if you are a tattoo enthusiast this article is for you. The Butterfly Ink is what's hot in the industry now because of its vast colors.

The vast majority of America loves simple black ink tattoos but tattoo enthusiasts love the idea of color ink tattoos. This also makes it much more enjoyable as the tattoo artist really get a chance to be a “real” artiste. Try giving artists a chance to create something like a painting. One should definitely check this out. For these reasons, one of the most popular tattoo ink brands is Iron Butterfly Ink. Butterfly Ink is renowned for its incredible amount of beautiful colors. They have colors like “electric orange” and “flamingo pink”. Furthermore, the names simply don't give the actuals colors justice. These colors do need to be seen in person to be properly appreciated, the names of the colors gives you an idea of how fun this line of ink really is. Tattoo artists and shop owners can purchase a starter pack of Iron Butterfly Ink in order to see how they like it. It comes with a pocket size bottle of 24 colors from the line. Enough is provided for one to create a few art pieces, this will help you decide if you want to use color ink permanently. Ordering full size bottles is great because you can just stock up on your favorite colors. From a client perspective, this line of ink is great as well. For vibrant color and quality, this is the line to go with. After getting a Butterfly Ink tattoo you may never go back to the simple black ink. The line allows you to be creative and really have fun with the art you are going to have permanently placed on your body. Another great thing about Iron Butterfly Ink is that they are not static in their line and are constantly making changes and improvements to their color palette. For example, some newer colors are “chocolate chip” and “tiger tail orange.”. While it may be just as beautiful of a tattoo if the ink colors were called “orange” and “brown,” the unique names are important because it makes the whole process more fun. Not only that, but it helps the tattoo artist understand your vision better. As a tattoo artist, this line would be greatly worth checking out. Likewise, if you frequent a tattoo shop or are thinking about getting your first tattoo, check out whether the shop has this brand of ink so that you can check out the great colors and see if it is the way you want to go. If you have a tattoo artist that you frequent and they do not have Butterfly Ink, try introducing it to them.

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