Face And Body Paint

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An artist's needs span a very wide range of products from paints and brushes to easels and other studio equipment. Imaginably, it can be quite exhausting to find each one of these needs as they cover different areas of expertise. Our website aims to bridge this gap and provide one all-encompassing platform to make art related purchases and that too at the lowest of prices. From easels, varnishes, color palettes or even face & body paint, we guarantee great discount on every single item listed on our online catalogue. Discounts of up to 35% over the recommended retail price may be availed on our products. Our low prices belie the high-quality of our products; with every purchase that you make on our trusted website, you can rest assured that no compromises are being made with respect to the quality of goods.

Face and Body Paints

With body art increasing in popularity over the past few years, the demand for face & body paint has grown. But not all paints have been safe and inert to sensitive skin. Potential adverse reactions can ensue if face body paint of sufficient standard is not used. The Derivan face and body paint available on our website is completely safe and perfect for children's events, theater, parties, sporting events and other similar occasions. Derivan face body paint is, perhaps, the most trusted face paint and is made exclusively from non-toxic component. Each of these paints are made in accordance with strict national regulations. When using Derivan products from our website, you can be confident that the paint once applied on the skin, will dry soon but not fade immediately after application. It is important to note that body paint is almost always applied over a barrier film of cream.

Shipping and returns policy

We take customer satisfaction seriously and therefore endeavor to ship all in-stock orders in not more than one working day following date of purchase. In case an item is out of stock, customers will be notified accordingly. In the rare event that an item ordered from our site reaches you in a damaged condition, it can be returned to us as long as the item is in its original packing and condition as it reached. Such items will have to be returned before seven days of purchasing. So why are you waiting visit us and buy all painting accessories an start painting now.

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