Effective Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Allergies

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Researchers have investigated and proven that ayurvedic medicines or called herbs found in nature are capable of fighting against those foreign particles.Allergy refers to an overreaction by our immune system in response to exposure to certain foreign particles. In allergic people, their body recognize the foreign substances as these substances are usually seen by the body as harmless and people who are non allergic, no response occurs in them. Researchers after many investigations, has found that herbal remedies for allergy are best to treat number of allergies.

Allergens are allergy producing substances. Allergens are pollens, dust mites, some food articles, animal proteins and some specific medications. When an allergic person comes in contact with an allergen, the immune system mounts a response through IgE antibody thus people who are prone to allergies are said to be allergic or also known as atopic and allergy is called atopy.

Allergy can develop at any age. As our environment plays an important role in allergy development still there is increase risk of its development when a person has a family history of allergy among parents or siblings.

IgE is an antibody that is present in our body in small amounts. Allergic people produce these antibodies in excess. Antibodies generally protect us from parasites.

There are various types of allergies people are suffering from like asthma, chronic sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic cough, sneezing, eczema, skin rashes etc. asthma is very common among all, this is a condition or a disease that affects the airways that carry air to and from lungs and where airways get narrow and swell that produce extra mucus.

Though allergies can develop at any age, it very common during childhood or early adulthood. These may be heredity like if parents or siblings are allergic to something; further chances are there around 30 percent to have the allergy. It is not necessary that child will be allergic to the same substance or food article as like parents.

Symptoms accordingly :

  • Lungs: wheezing, rapid breathing, dry cough, cough with mucus, feeling of tightness in the chest.
  • Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth: puffiness around the eye, itchy red and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itchy ears, itchy nose, itching of mouth and throat.
  • Skin: eczema hives.
  • Intestines: abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea.
  • Miscellaneous: headache, fatigue.

Herbal remedies for allergy are proven very effective in various types of allergies, allergic people can prevent the attacks of allergies by adopting Ayuvedic medicines like- tulsi, haridra, lashun, methika, giloy, amalaki, kumari, jeeraka, neem, shunthi, madhu, pushkarmool, vasa, katuki, kanthkari, ashwagandha, shirish and so many.

Diet and life style of allergic person should be accordingly the condition that triggers because allergic people themselves know better what substance or food item is responsible for aggravating signs and symptoms of particular allergy. Include more and more leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet but try to stay away from the one or few that does not suit. Some people are allergic to sour things so they are suggested to avoid all citrus fruits. Some are allergic to cold items like in asthma so one can prevent his or herself from symptoms or attacks.

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