Ear Care Tips – Pet Grooming

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Proper Ear Care against ear infections in pets

Proper ear care is very important for your pets since this can avoid pet ear infections but at the same time, the ears can be one of the toughest areas for cleaning. Ear cleaning can be a messy task for you as well as your pet. Most of the pets either dogs or cats do not like being their ears cleaned, though some of them sit happily on the table or in your lap while you clean and treat the area.

Tips for ear care in pets to avoid ear infections

  • What you should avoid – Lack of proper ear cleaning in pets can lead to cut and bruises in the ear canal. Or even worse, your pet can experience pain or a ruptured ear drum. So while cleaning your pet's ear it necessary that you take extra caution and avoid inserting sharp or pointed tools and objects, or q-tips.
  • Cleaning your pet's ears – Since most of the pets i.e. both dogs and cats do not like their ear being cleaned, it is advisable that with time you teach them the importance of ear check up as part of the pet grooming process. Check for ear infections with a small flashlight. If you see any of the symptoms of the same in your pet's ears, take your pet immediately to the vet, since ear infections are something that you cannot treat at home.
  • Pets might get minor irritations while cleansing their ears. A mild ear cleanser or an oil based one can be used to remove wax, debris and other types of dirt as well as soothe the area in case of minor scratches and bug bites. Here is how you can go on with the process:

    • Take some ear cleansers, preferably a gentle one, on a piece of cotton wool and gently clean the outer area i.e. the cartilage.
    • Check if its ears are properly cleaned. Redo the process, if the need arises.
    • In case you use a Q-tip for clearing the area between the ear cartilage, do it it in a gentle way or if you want, you can do it solely on the areas of outer ear. Make sure, you ask your vet for instructions in terms of using a Q-tip.
    • In case you are using drops or ointments, just place a small amount of the medicine on the inside of the ear flap i.e. the cartilage and add the number of drops that is prescribed. Remember to keep the ointment tube or the dropper a few centimeters away from the ear canal for the sake of the safety of your pet. But at the same time ensure that the medicine is properly administered in the ear canal.

    Your pet might not have been through pet grooming sessions on a regular basis. In that case, try to make your 'cleaning sessions' short. Once your cleaning is done, commend your pet on how a good a boy/girl he/she has been. This will make your job easier for the next time.

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