Discovering Body Art Designs

Discovering Body Art Designs

Because getting a tattoo can be painful, individuals who get them are believed to be tougher than most others. Arm tattoos for guys, for example, became the norm for those in prison or in jail. At present, however, tattoos have become mainstream and a trip to any tattoos website will give anyone an idea just how many celebrities have joined the body art designs movement.

Tattoos can be symbolic and often, body art designs are chosen because of what they represent to the person getting a tattoo. The same design can mean different things. An octopus tattoo is believed to be one of the most popular designs because an octopus is naturally intelligent and flexible. To other people, the fact that it can hide itself in a cloud of black ink adds to its mystery.

A Celtic tattoo design is famous to people of Irish, Scot or Welsh descent and is seen as a form of expressing pride in their heritage. Celtic design tattoos are inspired by “The Book of Kells” in the Irish Illuminated Manuscripts and usually appear as interlacing patterns.

Another popular body art design show in the form of a tribal armband tattoo. This may be seen as going back to the roots of tattooing. Some tribal tattoo pictures that make it as body art design are Egyptian symbols, as well as designs that originated in Burma, New Zealand, Hawaii, Laos, Thailand, Burma, the Philippines, Morocco and Rome.

Japanese characters are also very popular in the world of tattoos. These delicate Kanji tattoo designs present the body as a canvas on which this exotic calligraphy is written. These designs are very popular with Westerners who practice or follow Eastern beliefs.

There are also body designs made for those who do not want anything permanent on their skin or who cannot stand the pain that goes with getting a tattoo. For them, there are many henna tattoo designs to choose from.

Tattoos have gone a long way and with celebrities going around flaunting their body art designs, they are expected to go even farther.

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