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Every day, you will find a new addition in the fashion industry. Today, there is an increasing trend of tattooing the body skin with different and innovative designs. As the trend increases, the number of followers is also increasing. Thus, it leads to the inauguration of numerous shops to meet the increasing number of demands. If you are looking get your skin inked with an aesthetic piece of art work, and then you must need to find out an expert tattoo artist working in a reputed shop.

Before deciding to get a tattoo on your skin, you must need to do a thorough research about the history, pros and cons of the tattoos. You also need to understand the method of carving the picture on your skin as you must need to mentally prepare yourself for the pain occurs during the process. In addition to this, it is also necessary for you to know the types of tattoos that the artists are able to carve on your body. Here in this article, we are describing some major forms of tattoos that are running in today's fashionable trend.

Traditional : these are the original form of tattoos running since last two decades. These tattoos are available in two dimension form only. They are carved by using only single ink color namely black, blue or green. Tribal tattoos are the best example of this type of tattoos.

3D : this type of tattoos is the latest addition in the tattoo industry and is running in full trend with the passage of time. You will find a large variety in this type to carve on your body. Right from religious tattoos to realistic pictures, from cartoon tattoos to portraits, you will find a wide variety if you are selecting this type of body art to carve your skin.

Cosmetic : tattoos are also playing a vast role in the cosmetic industry. They are used making permanent make up or hiding discoloration of skin. Thus, cosmetic tattoos are used for enhancing eyebrows, lips eye liners and even moles by using natural colors. Also, natural colors are used for making this tattoo as the designs are intended to make up like look on the face.

Medical : these tattoos are generally used for medical purpose and are least related to fashion. But still they play a major role in serving the betterment of the society. For all those cancer patients that are operated, medical tattoos are used to reconstruct their body parts or to fill their parts with different kinds of inks. For breast cancer patients, tattoos are used for making the areola instead of constructing the areola again.

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