Dental Tattoos Set to be The Next Big Thing in India

INTIALLY IN India, tattoos were looked down upon and even one generation prior to the GenX, it was unthinkable for affluent people to get tattoos. Inking the body was a forte of richshaw-wallas, auto drivers and of lower class people.

But a lot has changed between the two generations and youngsters under the influence of the West are much more aware, technologically intelligent and fashion conscious. In India, in major cities such as Delhi youngsters are very fashion conscious and tattoos are catching up big time. While body tattoos are normal these days, a lot of daredevil youngsters are experimenting with dental tattoos and lip tattoos.

The rage started with Hollywood and it trickled down to Bollywood, and eventually entered the homes of common masses. While dental tattoos are popular in the West, it is just entering the big cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Delhi people are very fashion conscious and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends. Youngsters here are just warming to the idea of inking their teeth. One or two dentists have started offering 'dental tattos', while tattoo parlours are still contemplating over it.

Mumbai is the place of glitz and glamour and normally people there are the trend setters. Dental tattoos have started big in the city of stars as many youngsters are trying their hand (or teeth) in the art. While some go for temporary dental tattoos, there are some who brave the pain to get miniature signs or symbols on their teeth. Tattoo is a lucrative business proposal also. Who wouldn't want to make 3000 bucks in just half an hour? There are many anecdotes, where a person, well educated, has left his professional path, to enter into the world of art, style and fashion.

These days as far as body tattoos are concerned everyone is going for the script tattoo. When this CJ asked about the trend in the tattoo market the owner of Johney's tattoo studio, located in Gurgaon, said that normally people go for some script to ink their body. It could be anything from a small phrase to the Gayatri mantra, as has been done by Esha Deol. He also said that people, who are funky and have a quirky sense of art want to have bi-mechanical tattoos on their body, which depicts half man and half machine.

The pain that comes with this fashion statement is immense and people must be really careful when they have a tattoo and must follow all the precautions. When a denizen of Delhi, Neeraj Radhakishnan was asked as to what made him endure the pain to have ink drilled in his body he said that, “it is not only about the fashion statement but it also provides an inspiration to me.” He is sporting the script “vakratunda” in his arm, which means to move away from the wrong path to the path of the righteous.

Another tattoo fashion, which is quickly catching up is the Lip tattoos. Although none of the celebrities have yet dared to do a tooth or a lip tattoo, the common masses have a greater threshold for pain and want to go to any length to be hip and to have an unique fashion statement.

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