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Deafness and Hearing loss

Key Facts of Hearing Loss

Now a day approximately 360 million of people in all over the world have hearing loss problem. Although 32 million from that 360 are children. It may cause from genetic causes, difficulties at birth, affected with some infections, ear infections called chronic, using over drugs, very loud noise or age related problem. The 60 percentage of people loss their hear sense in childhood affect by the reason of avoidable causes.

To prevent people from this loss, need to identify in early stage and provide solution along hearing aids, cochlear implants. Hearing aid centre in Chennai offering the suitable aids along with diagnosis the problem. They have also variety of aids named siemens aid and phonak hearing aid in Chennai.

Cause of Hearing loss and Deafness

The cause of deafness can be classified as two types called congenital causes and acquired causes.

Congenital causes

This type of deafness may affect the people at the time of after birth. This hearing loss can be affected by hereditary and non-hereditary factors of genetic. Otherwise it may cause due to the reason of difficulties at the period of pregnancy and childbirth includes,

  • Low weight birth
  • During the time of birth, oxygen level is very less;
  • Use of unwanted drugs at the time of pregnancy
  • Affected by jaundice in the time of neonatal.

Acquired Causes

This type of hearing loss may affect the people at any age. This may cause following reasons;

  • Transferrable infections such as meningitis, measles and mumps;
  • Infections in chronic ear;
  • Ear affected by otitis media;
  • Injuries happened in the ear or head;
  • For the reason of hearing very loud noise from speakers or from machines or any explosions;
  • Due to the reason of age degeneration of sensory cells.

Prevention of hearing Loss includes

  • Protecting children from diseases called, measles, meningitis, rubella and mumps;
  • Protecting teen-age girls and women from procreative age against rubella before pregnancy.
  • Try to avoid use of some drugs, which is more dangerous to ear, except suggested and prescribed by qualified doctors.
  • Do some practices for make your ear healthy;
  • Power the health of mother as well as child during the time of pregnancy;
  • Try to avoid hear loud noises at any circumstances. Create more awareness about the risk involved in hearing the noises louder.
  • Concentrate of infant health as well as mother health at the time of pregnancy.
  • Monitoring the child from otitis media with the help of suitable surgical methods.

These are the prevention would help child will affected by deafness.

Now a day so many advanced devices are available for regain the hearing loss problem. Hearing aid centre in Chennai conducted examination to identify the hearing loss problem and suggest suitable hearing aid related to your problem like siemens hearing aid and phonak hearing aid in Chennai.

Geetham Hearing Aid centre in Chennai offering best siemens aid and phonak hearing aid in Chennai. We also use best diagnosis methods to identify the hearing loss problem and we suggest suitable aids for your problem.

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