Daith ear piercing – All About Daith Piercings

Daith ear piercing

Daith ear piercing – another common type of piercing done in the cartilage of the ear and is performed by using a curved piercing needle. Many prefer this type of piercing due to the fact that it’s pretty difficult to perform this procedure.The piercing passes through the protrusion of cartilage that is located directly above the opening of the external auditory canal.

A Daith ear piercing is an ear piercing that passes through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold, the crus of the helix. In most areas this piercing is pronounced “day-th” although the proper pronunciation is “doth” (rhymes with “moth”). The piercing is located in a ‘awkward place’ to pierce due to it being in a curvy place, and being usually pierced with a straight hollow needle.

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Daith ear piercing types

This piercing is devided into the following types:

by piercing type:

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided

by number of piercings:

  • Single
  • Multiple
Single Daith ear piercing

Single daith

Multiple Daith ear piercing

Multiple daith

Jewellery for Daith ear piercings

The best jewellery for your Daith piercing is:

  • ball closure ring (BCR) / captive bead ring (CBR)
  • curved barbell
  • circular barbell
  • heart
  • moon
Kylie Jenner captive bead ring Daith ear piercing

Kylie Jenner captive bead ring Daith ear piercing

curved barbell Daith ear piercing

curved barbell daith

Heart Daith ear piercing

Heart daith

Moon Daith ear piercing

Moon daith

Circular barbell Daith ear piercing

Circular barbell daith

Daith ear piercing procedure

Usually, the piercer does not fix the ear. It is convenient to use a curved puncture needle of small diameter. A needle-receiving tube is used to guide the needle safely on the process of piercing and not to damage the edge of the other part of the ear. Some piercers use a sterile cork to cover the needle tip.

Daith ear piercing procedure video

Daith piercing pain

When it comes to the pain caused by the Daith piercing procedure, most people would say that on a scale of 1-10, with ten being the highest, Daith is around 3-4. Commonly, people would experience warmth in the pierced area and encounter bleeding. Some even go through a throbbing pain a few minutes later, but it will definitely decrease.

Specific complications of Daith ear piercings

  • Changing the shape of the anti-tragus
  • Damage to other parts of the ear due to the technical complexity of the piercing with a straight needle

Daith ear piercing healing time is around 4-9 months.

Erik Dakota

Erik Dakota

History of Daith ear piercing

Word ‘Daith’ originates from a hebrew language “da’at” which means “knowledge”. This name was given by one of Erik Dakota’s client who was studying hebrew, her idea was that the piercer must have been so smart to figure out how to di this type of piercing.

A true daith must be done in such a way that the bottom part of the ring appears to come directly out of the ear canal. If one can see both the entrance and exit hole of the ring, it is not a true daith. The technique for this piercing is very advanced, it requires a specifically curved needle and was devised by Erik Dakota.

Daith piercing price

Daith ear piercing as any other type of piercing will cost differently from one piercing shop to another. An average price for Anti-tragus piercing in the US would range from 40 to 100 US dollars. Please, make sure to get the best piercing master as this type of ear piercing needs an experienced and skilled piercer.

Can Daith piercing relieve migraine?

How it helps to cope with migraine

Daith piercing puncture belongs to the category of therapeutic techniques. Pucturing in a certain place of a human body, that is, the acupuncture of the ear, helps to relieve a number of diseases that can be affected through biologically active points.

Due to the impact on a small area inside the cartilage, it is possible to relieve a person from painful attacks of headache, as a result the migraine loses intensity.

In the field of reflexology, the auricle is considered as a zone of influence on a sore spot. The cartilage fold is an important place for intertwining nerve endings and blood vessels. When it is stimulated, the endorphin hormone of happiness is produced, and instead of pain syndromes, a person experiences pleasure and joy from life.

Deith piercing is part of the ancient knowledge about stimulating different parts of the body with fine needles. It is assumed that these teachings have come to us from China. Ancient chineese used to be treated by effecting on thin energy fields, instead of regular medication.

Daith earpiercing videos

My Daith

Nat’s Daith!

Daith Ear Piercing

Hearts – New Jewellery


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