Closer Look at Protective Ear Health Measures

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Our group started a two part series on noise pollution and hearing loss in the past week. This kind of pollution problem ranks third in our list of problems as stated by many people. There is a big probability that people that work in very loud and noisy working sites will lose their sense of hearing either partially or all of it. Machines such as tractors operators that need to be used for long periods of time are the usual culprits. Trouble is on board as soon as one feels a ringing sensation after being exposed to machines that make a racket.

But a group of industrial hygienists who studied the situation of factory workers assert that exposure to loud noises just for a couple of minutes per day will not do any long term damage to one’s hearing. By keeping all motorized equipment well kept, the bite and bark from ordinary engine noise is kept out. The specified kind of replacement must be your only option when replacing a muffler that goes wrong. The exhaust pipe should be far from the operator and it should always open up. An exhaust stack that ends below the top of a cab on tractor or combine is almost certain to cause noise trouble even if muffled.

University research indicates that adding a cab to their test tractor increased the sound level rather than helping. Adding insulation to the interior of a conventional tractor cab reduced the sound level significantly. An inch of fiberglass covering upon all metal surfaces even the roof area is good enough insulation. Upon the cab floor, two layers of insulation were set while the original rubber floor mat covering followed after.

Just any insulating material won’t do the job. Some materials have much better acoustical properties than others. More kits of sound proofing material are dominating the market. To better the sound levels in existing cabs, these should be used.

In fixed working locations consider moving engines, air compressors and other noise makers away from the worker, even into another room if possible. But then try rotating jobs so that not one person is immersed for more than the minimum time without a chance to recuperate from the extremely loud noise, if the relocation of equipment is not practical.

Keeping the worker from the din can be done with sound deadening materials. But then in keeping his ears safe from the surrounding noise, it is crucial for the worker to protect his own two ears in most instances. With ear muffs, car stuffing and ear plugs, this can easily be done.

When surrounded by jet airports or huge turbocharged engines abounding with high pitched sound, ear muffs are preferred. Once they are properly fitted in, you will find that there is much comfort in wearing these styles. A nice, snug fit in the ear is a must if they are to create good. And when it comes to what’s going on around your machine, you will be surprised that your hearing is not altered at all. As soon as you throw out the loud noise, quieter ones can come in with much ease.

You will be able to see the worth of ear plugs for noise control as they are hand, effective and economical, just like muffs. But only a doctor or a nurse can fit them for they alone can size them to be truly effective and comfortable as well. They would not feel natural at first but after a while you will barely think they’re in your ear. They are inexpensive enough that you can afford to have several sizes around for different workers.

Using ear plugs that are meant only for swimming will not enable you to control sound. They would not be up to the task. Cotton jammed into the ear is definitely a bad method in controlling sound.

There are tons of substances available in creating disposable ear plugs. This is known in another term, Swedish wool. You are bound to get into trouble if you work around machines that produce a racket without any ear protection. At the latter part of your life will you wish that you invested in hearing protection instead of paying so much on medical treatment and hearing aids.

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