Cinnamon Allergy or Intolerance

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The allergy to food is a concern for everyone. Anyone can start suffering from it at any stage of life. Even a baby can be suffering from allergy problem and then outgrow it in adulthood. But everyone is not as lucky as this. Most of the people carry it the rest of the life if they can't make any significant change in lifestyle. The reason for cinnamon allergy is such that it entirely depends on the immune system of the body and nothing else. So no one can predict about illness to a particular food allergy before. This is certainly a drawback of allergic problem. For a lot of diseases and disorders, the body shows some sign. But allergy is such a rare disorder which does not show anything in prior of happening. Some people confuse an allergy with intolerance. There are some differences between allergic reaction and intolerance problem. The treatment would be different in either case too. So you must know about the differences that is prominent among these two and this article will let you know about this.

You can easily understand what is intolerance. It is a situation when the body can't tolerate a particular food and it comes out as vomiting. The abdominal pain is a common symptom of intolerance too. But the severity of intolerance is mild and there is nothing to worry about it. Sometimes the reaction is shown the next day after consuming that food. You may not need to take any medicine for this as it fades out within a short time. But the cinnamon allergy is dangerous which creates a lot of discomfort. The symptoms are severe in comparing to intolerance. The common symptoms of cinnamon allergy are skin inflammation, hives, skin rashes and so on. Even in rare cases, the symptoms can become worse and anaphylactic shock is not uncommon. The reaction usually starts within an hour. So you can easily understand the differences between the allergy and intolerance of cinnamon.

So, as a sufferer you should not panic by having some discomfort because all discomfort may not turn to an allergic reaction. In such case if you are not sure about it, visit a doctor and discuss what are the symptoms are coming out. This will help the doctor to anticipate about the problem that a sufferer is having. Upon this, the treatment would be different for sure.

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