Choosing The Right Hearing Protection In Extreme Noise Environments

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A hearing disability be tremendously trying. Hearing loss caused by occupational noise is one of the principal industrial maladies. Exposure to high noise levels causes hearing loss that may be may be temporary, permanent, or a combination of both. High level noise may initially cause dull hearing with perhaps ringing in the ear as well. With regular exposures, this will lead to loss of hearing as well as health effects.

Effects of noise induced hearing

Workers at special risk of hearing damage (industrial deafness) are usually those in heavy productive industry, such as metal work, drilling and quarrying, stone cutting, or the use of noisy machinery, as in textiles, printing, wood cutting, transportation and agriculture. Noise induced hearing loss may result in not being able to hear warning sounds like alarms, supervisors giving directions, etc. One cannot effectively use speech communication in an environment in which the background noise level is too high. Work effects include increased absenteeism and lower productivity. Sometimes, the masking of warning shouts by background noise can be responsible for industrial accidents.

Very high levels may cause damage after relatively short periods, even when the noise is intermittent. If you must work in an excessively noisy environment, you should wear protectors. You should also wear them when you are using power tools, noisy yard equipment, or firearms.

Choose the appropriate protection for your ears

Noise induced hearing loss is slow and painless and is permanent. There is no cure but it can be prevented. Earlier workers had to wear double protection to safeguard their hearing that resulted in improper communication and lack of awareness of their surroundings.

A misleading notion about the use of hearing protective devices is that it makes it even harder to communicate. Wearing hearing protectors in high-level noise environments can enhance communication for normal ears because speech-to-noise ratios are kept nearly constant and the protected ear does not alter from overdriving caused by the high speech and noise levels.

With the advanced ear hearing protection that is available in the market these days, workers can communicate, stay protected and maintain their situational awareness in extreme noise environments. The latest electronic ear plugs and electronic ear muffs help to stay protected in extreme noise environments. The latest technology ensures background noise is lowered to a safe level while retaining the natural qualities of the sound so the user retains awareness of their surroundings. These solutions offer rugged design, for use in extreme noise environments.

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