Chocolate Allergy

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The chocolate allergy might sound a bit weird but it really exists. The concern is rising over the people about this. The chocolate is such a food which is loved by almost everyone. The children and even older people love this. But once you are diagnosed with such allergy, then there is no option but to prevent it. Now you should have proper knowledge about how does this cause, what are the symptoms and what would be the treatment. If you don't know, then it may create a lot of problems when you are diagnosed with it.

Chocolate is made with milk, soy, nut, corn, caffeine etc and all of the ingredients can cause serious allergy. So, actually chocolate is not the food which directly causes the allergy, but the ingredients do. So, if you have an allergy problem with any of them, the suggestion is to avoid chocolate. It does not matter how much you are fond of chocolate, you will have to avoid it if you want to get rid of it. Now why does the allergy to chocolate occur? The immune system of the body blocks everything which tries to enter in the body but actually harmful for the body. This is why the immune system of the body suspects the protein of chocolate as invader and try to block it. In the consequence, Histamine chemical is produced which affects negatively to the soft tissue such as skin.

The common symptoms of chocolate allergy are headache, wheezing, skin inflammation, abdominal problem, breathing difficulty and so on. The most destructive symptom is the anaphylactic attack which comes when the reaction is peak. This is deadly and thus you should be very careful about it. The epinephrine injection is the recommended injector for this. You may take up to two doses of it in case the reaction is severe. But this is also suggested to contact the doctor in order to get more appropriate treatment.

Depending on the severity and status of the patient, the treatment would be different. But this is always important to be prepared and you should have some tablets of antihistamine. This medicine helps to reduce the effect of allergy reaction within 5-10 minutes and very effective. SO, the treatment of allergy has improved a lot in the past few years and you should not worry at all when the reaction is severe. You just need to act wisely and immediately in order to get the best treatment available.

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