Breathing Easy with Salt Crystal Health Centers to Optimize Your Health

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Breathing Easy with Salt Crystal Health Centers to Optimize Your Health

Sufferers of asthma, due to a high pollen count and a moist windy climate, are looking for a permanent relief from their ailments through alternate methods, after they have tried several different medications. Alternate therapy is gaining rapid popularity as people are desperate for relief from chronic conditions such as asthma, allergy and bronchitis.

One such therapy is, salt room or salt cave where a person stays inside a space with walls packed with blocks of salt all around them, inhaling micro particles of salt suspended in the air -space. They say, these inhaled salt particles reach the lungs and has the ability to destroy bacteria and fungi in the lungs that cause an attack. Salt room operators claim, there is a possibility to boost the immune system, by removing toxins in the body.

Operators say, this is safe and effective and it is all natural and should not be a risk, and it is getting plenty of media attention in recent days. However, National and International reports and reviews want more evidence.

Salt Therapy for asthma is well known in Europe and was practiced since ancient times. These micro particles are crushed to a size that could interact with air molecules cleansing the enclosed air space free from allergens and other organisms. Thus creating a stable temperature and the humidity is maintained to a constant level that enables comfortable breathing for sufferers of respiratory disease. They have designed a program for a certain number of days for adults each lasting for less than an hour of daily sessions. Being exposed to ionized crystals of sodium chloride can have an effect on human physiology, they also claim it has an impact on endocrine and gastrointestinal system besides the respiratory claims.

During the sessions of halotherapy (as it is also called) the clients will be seated in a relaxed position in a comfortable chair, if they prefer to combine their relaxation with aromatherapy and a massage an added service provided by owners to lure customers. This can increase psychological benefits along with a relief from their existing chronic conditions. Operators say, there is no need for sufferers to relocate their homes to a favorable climatic zone. One can continue visiting these centers frequently at a cost that best suits them. Research suggests it is necessary for those with other ailments to discuss with their general practitioners before opting for an alternate treatment.

What makes these salt mines so popular since ancient times?

Clean and optimal temperature provides an easy-to-breathe, controlled atmosphere – the main factor in bringing relief.

They are providing a healing environment with comfortable settings; some find it as relaxing as rich in medicinal value. In today's world an increasing number of people are seeking alternate medicine since asthma and allergies are so common almost everyone has it in some form or the other.

These centers are sprouting all over the world and across the country; it is easier to choose one close to home, making use of the many promotional offers.

Salt therapy for asthma is a one of the oldest methods for asthma treatment. Salt cave environment is best place for inhaling the controlled dry salt aerosol microclimate. Salt Crystal has the latest Salt room . For more detail visit

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