Best Home Remedies for Diabetes

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Basil – Basil or commonly known as Tulsi, leaves of which are superb antioxidants which lower the blood glucose level by increasing the insulin sensitivity. It also removes the toxins present in the body. One can take either juice out of it every morning empty stomach or can chew 3 to 4 leaves as it is.

Fenugreek – Fenugreek or called Methi in Hindi has plenty of benefits related to our health. It is an effectual diabetic supplement and used in many curries in India. During the process of digestion, amino acids present in methi reduces the rate of sugar absorption from stomach and helps in making insulin by acting upon pancreatic cells.

Psyllium husk – That is known as isabgol in Hindi acts as very effective laxative and natural remedy for diabetes as well. Isabgol forms a gel like substance when comes in contact with water, thus helps in less blood glucose absorption and also protects from ulcers and acidity.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon or known as dalchini in Hindi acts very efficient in reducing blood glucose level by improving insulin sensitivity. Diabetic person can have tea flavored with cinnamon every morning or can take dalchini powder half tsp every day for better results. It also helps in loosing extra weight from body.

Aloe Vera – Consumption of Aloe Vera juice daily before meals helps you to control the blood sugar level which in turn keeps you free from diabetes.

Indian black berry – Also called as Jamun in Hindi. Glycosides present in the jamun seeds prevent the conversion of starch into sugar.

Bitter guard – Also called karela in Hindi. Extracts out of it are really wonderful to reduce the blood glucose. Diabetic person can take it either in the form of juice or powder. One can cook and take with bread also.

Ginger – Ginger also has shown postive effects towards the diabetes treatment as it contains a powerful antioxidant. Ginger juice two to three times a day helps in lowering the blood sugar levelit can be taken in tea and curries to diabetes

Guduchi – Extracts from the stem of this plant have Been found to inhibit the activity of an Enzyme called alpha glucosidase which is involved with the breakdown of glucose. This inhibition helps to delay the process of digestion of carbohydrates and hence, glucose is absorbed much more slowly, an effect that is helpful in preventing hyperglycemia in diabetic people

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