Are Allergies and Asthma Interlinked

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Around 25% of the human beings develop some sort of allergy at a certain point in their lives. When the body exhibits an abnormal reaction to a certain substance or substances then that is known as allergy. Bee stings, pet hair and dust mites are all different types of allergies. On the other hand, asthma is an entirely separate condition from allergy but they are, in fact, related. People who suffer from allergies of nose and eyes are likely to be affected by asthma also. But the fact is that not all cases of allergies can be linked to asthma and vice versa. However, if a person is suffering from asthma then his/her condition may get worse if exposed to specific things that can cause reactions which are also known as allergens.

Asthma and allergy in winter

Though many people look forward to the winter months as the weather is better, people with asthma and/or allergy may experience a miserable time during the winter months. Let us find out why this happens.

The cold can trigger serious conditions in almost 90% of the people suffering from such a disease. This means that people who have the disease can find the winter months hard to handle. In fact one may across people (with asthma) who have wheezing during winter. It may help to cover your nose and mouth when you are going outside. The flu is a severe form of cold so a person who is allergic to cold can have trigger symptoms which can become worse as the cold intensifies. So, in general, a condition of allergic asthma sets in when a person inhales a trigger.

Identifying and avoiding asthma triggers

There are many asthma triggers which you will come across in everyday life. Unfortunately a majority of them are found indoors and are easily avoidable. Many people feel that they develop a condition as they are highly allergic to dust. Though this theory is not entirely wrong, it must be mentioned that asthma is likely to be triggered more by dust mites than the dust itself. The dust mites are little insects that are found mainly in upholstered furniture, mattresses and pillows. The droppings of these insects are considered as allergens that trigger allergies and make asthma worse.

The second most common trigger is molds which are fungi that thrive on moist surfaces. The molds actually produce very tiny spores that can travel through and if you happened to inhale this spore then an attack is imminent. The homes which have water damage and high humidity are breeding grounds for molds.

Cockroaches are found throughout the southern US and these can be very difficult to avoid. The most asthma triggers are cockroach saliva and their droppings. You just cannot terminate these pests totally, it is better to avoid them.

As we discussed earlier not all asthma attacks are triggered by allergies but since allergic asthma is not uncommon, it is better to avoid it as much as you can.

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