Are All Hearing Aid Batteries The Same?

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What hearing aid batteries will I need? All hearing aids use zinc-air batteries that look similar to watch batteries. These batteries come with a small sticker on the negative side. The batteries are activated by exposure to air, so once the sticker tab is removed, the battery begins to drain. Placing this sticker tab back on the aid will not prevent its drain, so do not remove the tab until you are ready to use it!

Hearing aids vary by size and power, and are number and color coded. The size you will need will be determined by the hearing aid you wear. Your hearing healthcare professional will be able to inform you of the size, number, and color code that you will need to power your hearing aid.

There are 4 typical battery sizes, ordered below from smallest to largest with their coordinating color code:

Size 10 – Yellow

Size 13 – Orange

Size 312 – Brown

Size 675 – Blue

The smaller the battery, the less power and running time it will provide. Therefore, smaller hearing aids with smaller batteries may require more frequent battery changes. On the whole, these batteries will last approximately 10 – 14 days when worn on average from waking to sleeping. Batteries are the powerhouse of your hearing aid. Therefore, if the battery becomes very weak, you may notice a drastic change in your hearing aid's output and sound quality.

Once the battery dies, your hearing aid will not work. Most current digital hearing aids will provide some type of low battery warning. However, a battery tester can be purchased at most hearing healthcare professional's offices to determine if you battery is providing enough power.

Batteries are available for purchase in most hearing health offices, major retailers, and pharmacies for various prices. The color and number code will not alter across brands, so you can purchase as you choose. Many find it easiest to remember the color, and purchase batteries of that code.

Putting in your battery for the first time can be a surprisingly difficult task. These batteries are very small, and the place to insert them into your hearing aid is also accordingly small. To prevent any damage of the hearing aid or lost batteries, you may want to try this over a soft surface until you have mastered the task.

First, you will remove the sticker. You may want to place this sticker on a calendar on the day you removed it. This can help you keep up with the length of battery life you are receiving. If this alters suddenly to less time, contact your provider. Your aid may need repair. Place your battery flat side up into the battery door and close. Do not place the battery directly into the hearing aid. The door should close with ease. Never force the door. If your battery door will not close, check your placement and positioning. Correct hearing aid battery positioning is a must!

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