Anti-Tragus ear piercing – All About Anti-Tragus Piercings

Anti-Tragus ear piercing

Anti-Tragus ear piercing type of piercing derived its name from the opening part if the ear called Tragus. It is the edgy part of the ear which is formed of cartilage. This type of piercing involves a tiny piercing gauge needles and the pierce is usually worn either by a circling ring-type or bead ring pierce. For people who often use earphones, having this type of pierce can be troublesome. The Anti-Tragus ear piercing should not be confused with the snug piercing, which is placed just a little above the Anti-Tragus ear piercing.

An Anti-Tragus ear piercing is a perforation of the outer ear cartilage for the purpose of inserting and wearing a piece of jewelry. It is placed in the antitragus, a piece of cartilage opposite the ear canal.

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Anti-Tragus ear piercing types

Anti-Tragus piercing is devided into the following types:

by piercing type:

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided

by number of piercings:

  • Single
  • Multiple
Single Antitragus Piercing

Single Anti-Tragus piercing

Multiple Antitragus Piercing

Multiple Anti-Tragus ear piercing

by piercing direction:

  • Only through anti-tragus
  • Exiting the ear other side
  • Exiting the ear lobe
Exiting the ear lobe

Exiting the ear lobe

Jewellery for Anti-Tragus ear piercings

The best jewellery for your Anti-Tragus piercing is:

  • a barbell
  • a curved barbell
  • a ball closure ring
  • a circular barbell

If the anti-tragus is particularly small we recommend using micro jewellery.

anti-tragus curved barbell

anti-tragus curved barbell

Anti-Tragus ear piercing With Blue Ball Closure Ring

Anti-Tragus piercing With Blue Ball Closure Ring

Anti-Tragus ear piercing procedure

Usually, the piercer does not use clamps to fix the ear. The puncture is performed by a catheter or a hollow needle, although a special curved needle is the most convenient tool. The course of piercing of a regular anti-tragus is from inside outwards. Many clients report that Anti-Tragus ear piercing is one of the most painful types of ear piercing.
A recommended primary decoration for anti-tragus is a barbell or curved barbell which won’t bother and make no damage during sleeping.

Specific complications of Anti-Tragus piercing

  • Changing the shape of the anti-tragus
  • Decoration cutting anti-tragus

Other possible complications see “Complications of ear Piercing”.
Antitragus piercing healing time: 6-18 months depending on the type of antitragus.

The history of Anti-Tragus piercing

Anti-Tragus ear piercing was first popularized by Jim Varada (Jim Warad) in Los Angeles in the seventies. It was widespread thanks to the punk culture and other youth movements.

Anti-Tragus piercing price

An average price for Anti-Tragus ear piercing in the US is around 25 dollars.

Ant-Tragus piercing videos

Me getting my anti-tragus pierced!

Having My Anti Tragus Pierced


This piercing was performed on a new client, who is looking to connect later on her rook to this anti-tragus, with a custom industrial barbell.

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