A Detailed Research on The Phenomenon of Hearing

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The creation of the human body has been the most remarkable masterpiece by the Almighty. Comprehending the composition, structure and functioning of the human mind is quite an arduous task. However, the advancement in science and technology has made it possible to know and understand the framework of the human body and its functionality. Talking in this regard, it deserves to be mentioned that the human ear is quite a genius piece of engineering by God. The ear, to be very specific, is an organ that is responsible for detecting sounds and sending the sound signals to the brain for immediate response to it. The ear is a complex organization of bones, nerves, hairs as well as cells that picks up the sound waves and passes them to the brain for an instantaneous response to the stimuli.

The human ear is considered one of the most crucial of the five senses in a human body. The human ear appears as a fully developed part of the body, right at the time of birth and responds to all types of sounds (ranging from the faintest to the loudest sounds). The phenomenon of perceiving sounds and responding to it starts even before an individual takes birth. The ear can actually be divided into three parts leading on to the brain- the outer ear, the middle ear as well as the inner ear. The outer ear has the ear canal as well as the eardrum. The middle ear is actually an open space at the back of the eardrum that has three small bonny structure called 'ossicles'. This series of bonny structures are connected at one end to the eardrum and at the other end to the inner ear. The inner ear has a fluid called 'cochlea' that causes alteration in small structures called 'hair cells'.

Sound (whenever emitted by an individual, animal or object) travels through the air in the form of invisible waves. When such sound waves approach the human ears, they travel down the ear canal and strike the eardrum, making it vibrate or move. The vibration in the eardrum makes the ossicles to vibrate or move. This in turn leads to the vibration or movement of the fluid present in the inner ear. The vibration or movement of the hair cells in the inner ear causes transmission of electrical signals to the brain through the auditory nerve (also referred to as the hearing nerve). The brain then interprets the sound in the form of the received electrical signals and sends back a response accordingly.

The entire phenomenon of hearing happens within fraction of a second. It is obvious that the auditory system is highly sophisticated and advanced for such an instantaneous functioning. Any kind of undesired effect on the ears may cause a turbulence or disruption in the normal hearing course and may lead to a hearing imparity or disorder. In such cases, it is wise to show up a hearing doctor and get a timely check up and treatment for the same. If you are in search of a good hearing doctor in Delray Beach, the American hearing center can provide you with the best ones at its Delray Beach office.

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