Which Type of Hearing Aid Should I Choose?

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Hearing aids are external devices that collect sound waves and send it to the inner ear for further processing. These aids are best suited to people who are suffering from hearing loss that is caused due to defective or malfunctioning outer ear. In case of patients that have problems with the middle or inner ear, they need further medical and surgical assistance to be able to hear.

However, for those who cannot hear properly or those who have profound hearing loss, hearing aids in Delhi, India are the best corrective options. People using these aids are able to hear sound as any other normal person. In some of the cases the device needs to be upgraded when a person is not able to make a clear distinction between various voices or sound waves. For such people devices with multiple microphones should be used.

On a broad classification, there are three types of hearing aid and it is best to choose the perfect device basis hearing test. These tests are conducted by expert clinicians to determine the severity of loss. They also prescribe best suited aid basis the result of the hearing tests. The results of these test highlights whether a person is suffering from mild, high or severe hearing loss.

For people who have little or mild problem, they can choose ITC or In the Canal device. These devices are small and remain considerably invisible and can be custom made as per individual requirement. Contrary to the CIC devices, ITC devices are not placed deeper in the ear canal, but are placed just at the beginning of the ear canal.

People with hearing test results suggesting they are suffering from high levels of loss of hearing, Behind the Ear or BTE devices are considered the best. This device is large in shape, but sits perfectly behind the ear and its functionality can be tweaked easily as per the user preference. Further, these devices do not create occlusion effect and are also way from ear wax ensuring better and durable performance.

The other options of hearing aids include open fit and CIC or Completely in Canal. Both of these devices are small; however, CIC are smaller and are placed deep inside the canal. Due to their size and placement the ear remains well ventilated and the device is practically invisible. The open fit devices on the other hand, are used as behind the ear aid and are best suited for those who cannot use into the canal devices due to excess wax buildup or due to similar other problems.

The aforementioned categories of devices are interchangeable up to a certain extent for some of the patients, but are advised that a person should choose or buy hearing aids in Delhi, India only after proper hearing tests. Further, the type of device that is prescribed as per assessment should be highly considered regardless of personal preferences.

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