Treatment And Home Remedies For Pain in Ear

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Treatment And Home Remedies For Pain in Ear

Ear pain and discomfort is a common problem. However, not all ear pain and discomfort comes from the ear. Over 50% of ear pain comes from a different area. This is called “referred pain” or “referred discomfort.”

An example of this is an ice cream headache. When you swallow the ice cream on the back of the throat is cooled and produces this “referred pain” to the front. Ear pain can come from the jaw joint disease of the spine (k) or sinusitis. Only a medical examination of the ears and other head and neck can determine the exact cause of the discomfort of the ear.

Causes of Earache


1. Moisture trapped in the ear canal

2. The condition commonly called swimmer's ear can occur after swimming, bathing, or hot, humid weather.

3. The bacteria causing the infection are able to grow and multiply easily in warm, moist environment.

4. Rarely, the infection can be caused by a fungus.

5. Minor injuries or scrape the skin of the ear canal

Symptoms of Earache

1. Ear pain (mild to severe). Babies often pull or tug on the ears when the ear pain.

2. Fever.

3. Drainage from the ear that is thick and yellow or bloody. If this happens, the eardrum has probably burst (ruptured). The hole in the eardrum often heals by itself within a few weeks.

4. Loss of appetite, vomiting, and behavior in a bad mood.

5. Difficulty sleeping.

6. Trouble hearing.

Treatment for Ear Pain

Air is supplied through the nose and deviated to the eustachian tube, while you swallow. The entire treatment only takes a few seconds – and only occurs when you consume, while the air is blowing.

In some cases, if the Eustachian tube does not open with other treatments, a myringotomy may be necessary. The doctor makes an incision in the eardrum to allow pressure to equalize and fluid to drain.

This treatment is known to otolaryngologists as the Politzer maneuver and is more commonly called transnasal eustachian tube inflation. First discovered in 1860 by the famous Adam Politzer Otologist found that the eustachian tube can be opened safely and effectively with the right amount of air pressure and air flow.

Home Remedies for Earache

1. A very popular home remedies for earache is to grind a few Holy basil leaves and extract some juice. Put 2 drops inside the ear.

2. Boil some cloves of garlic in the water. Mash and add a pinch of salt. Surrounding this poultice in a flannel and place on the painful ear.

3. Pour some garlic juice in the painful ear. Its antibiotic properties help reduce pain.

4. If your ear pain rises in elevation then just chew gum. This is the muscles contract and open the eustachian tube.

5. Another good home remedy for earache is to put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the aching ear.

6. Put two drops of juice, basil leaves in the painful ear.

7. Take the juice of tender leaves of a mango tree and do a little warmer. Put four drops in both ears, as it helps in the treatment of earaches. One of the home remedies for earache fine.

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