The Current Scenario of Hearing Treatment in Delhi and India

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Almost 1 in 1000 babies in the country are intensely deaf, and considering that more than 40,000 babies are born in a day, the number of fully deaf children is increasing at a steady pace. Because of this reason, Speech and Hearing Clinic have become commonplace. Cochlear implant surgery and hearing aids are the main treatments for such children and others who are hearing impaired.

Although Hearing Aids Delhi India are not quite expensive, they have not yet picked up with the masses because of the amount of upkeep and maintenance required. In addition, there is a lack of awareness about the types of hearing aids available in the country. The government may have introduced certain awareness programs such as the National Program for Prevention and Control of Deafness, it'll take some time before the mass perception changes about the effectiveness of hearing aids.

The Government has gone to the extent of providing subsidized Hearing Tests in Delhi and even free hearing aids to anyone who is in need. Children or patients whose condition cannot be treated with hearing aids can opt for cochlear implant surgery. However, the quality of hearing aids and cochlear implant surgery offered by private institutions is something that cannot be matched by government programs.

Cochlear implant surgery is a relatively new form of treatment in the country, offered mostly by Speech and Hearing clinic. The first instance of such a surgery was back in 1994. The related technology may have been present so far, but high costs have prevented the masses from embracing it more widely. In addition to the surgical costs, other costs such as intensive speech therapy are also required for small children. Because of the huge costs involved, out of the million fully deaf children in India, just 5,000 have undergone cochlear implant surgery.

At the same time only 1 in 10 individuals in the country has health insurance cover. This is another reason for the shallow penetration of Cochlear Implants India. According to government data, cochlear implant penetration in the country is under 2%. However, with private medical institutions offering increasingly affordable treatment solutions, the scenario is gradually changing.

One achievement in the field that India can boast about, is the first ever contour cochlear implant surgery that was performed here. It was the first of its kind in Asia. Contour Advance is the latest and one of the most effective surgeries available in the field, which is now available in the country. The surgery is still expensive and not all insurance companies cover the costs. However, some progressive private entities in the field, especially the ones offering the devices and technology offer toll-free helpline for answering the questions of patients' families.

This is the current scenario in India, but it is changing fast as private hospitals and facilities are making treatment more affordable. Make sure to conduct Hearing Tests in Delhi if you have a new born in the family.

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