Natural Tinnitus Cures

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Natural Tinnitus Cures

Book Review

The book under review today is called Tinnitus Miracle: Tinnitus Cure by Thomas Coleman.

Unfortunately, this topic hits close to home for me. I have suffered from Tinnitus or ear ringing for years. I can trace the cause of my tinnitus back to the days when my Uncle Emmit–a fur trapper and hunter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, used to let me shoot the various rifles and shotguns from his extensive collection. It sure was fun blowing up those pumpkins and tin cans. Ironically, no one thought to use some of that muskrat fur to fashion a set of ear muffs for me.

Later it was the classic cassette sony walkman turned up all the way. Sometimes I think I still hear traces of UB40's Red Red Wine in the tone of my ear ringing. It was important back then that everyone could hear what I was “privately” listening to, so the volume had to be maxed out. I seriously doubt if those plastic headphones with the thin gray foam provided much in the way of aural protection.

Later in college, I thought nothing of standing right in front of the giant speakers at rock concerts where my tentative forays into the mosh pit competed with ear drum damage for self inflicted punishment. Not that I would have (or could have) listened to anyone if they had told me it was bad for me.

The point is, I'm familiar with Tinnitus. And I've experimented with different natural Tinnitus cures for a very long time. I've tried ear candling in India, white noise and restrictive diets (cutting out alcohol definitely helps) so I was very receptive to the idea behind Coleman's book. Natural Tinnitus cures have been a mixed bag for me, but this one looks very promising. The author, Thomas Coleman has treated himself and thousands of others through clinical studies. He calls it “a sure-fire, clinically proven system that is backed by 45,000+ hours of intense medical research for eliminating tinnitus for good. This is a very rare, highly unique and potently powerful tinnitus healing system, which very few people even know exists…”

So I bought the book and I'm giving it a try. I like that this is an all natural tinnitus cure. I never recommend synthetic drugs for anything really, particularly when it's that close to the brain. And surgery is just wrong for this malady. Doctor's will admit that they do not really know how to treat Tinnitus but they are more than willing to try and cut the ringing out of you if you'll let them. More than likely the ringing would simply be replaced with the memory of a tiny electric whirring saw. Besides I'm not going anywhere near a hospital of my own volition. Hospital error is the third leading cause of death in this country, behind heart disease and cancer. So ex-nay on the urgery-say for me.

I won't give away the guy's secret as he needs and deserves to make a buck too IF it works. I promise to report back in six months with my final verdict. The proof is in the pudding, as my mom always said, which unfortunately would have exacerbated my tinnitus if I were to lick the bowl. So we'll gracefully sidestep that cliche and give Mr. Coleman's system a twirl.

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Jim Witcher is a recovering attorney and entrepreneur. He enjoys spending time with his wife Vida of 29 years and his 15 year old son Max. Jim and Vida created Free Spirit Health to engender a spirit of self empowerment and playful co-creation.

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