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Industrial ear piercing

Industrial ear piercing name is refered to the term ‘Industrial’ – experimental music that has its special culture. It includes the clothing and body decorating style, in particular, now very popular piercing style named as industrial.

If you look at the Industrial ear piercing photos, you see that it is made of the two piercings in the cartilage that are connected by a single barbell. Most often the first piercing is made closer to the head, and the second from the opposite side of the ear. The holes are punctured by a needle, a special type of barbell jewelry is used during the healing time.

This kind of ear decorating is quite modern, it is not necessary to expect that it has a meaning coming from the depth of the centuries. It has a basic meaning or identity with a particular subculture, or it is just giving your ears more appeal touch, if such decoration is to your taste.

Although traditionally it is simply two holes connected by a single barbell, you can have it not only in the ear, but connect a fairly custom way. So, industrial ear piercing is just a fairly general term that can be implemented in various combinations.

Industrial ear piercing types

Industrial piercing is devided into the following types:

by piercing type:

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided

by number of piercings:

  • Single
  • Multiple
Single industrial ear piercing

Single industrial ear piercing

Multiple industrial ear piercing

Multiple industrial ear piercing

Despite the fact that the name of the industrial applies to any kind of ear piercings connected by one decoration, it varies by anatomical structures of the ear, which is pierced to create a composition:

Industrial ear piercing combination

Industrial ear piercing combination 2

Industrial ear piercing combination 3

Industrial ear piercing decorations

  • Straight decorations
  • Curved decorations
straight industrial ear piercing

Straight industrial ear piercing

Curved industrial ear piercing

Curved industrial ear piercing

Industrial ear piercings mostly use straight barbells, which are not regular barbells that are used for other piercing types. A barbell that goes through the holes connected into an industrial ear piercing are often separated by an inch or even more, so it has to be long enough to accommodate it.

special industrial barbell

This is the main reason why industrial ear piercing use these longer barbells. These barbells may include certain decorations in the middle of the barbell or can be very simple in design.

longer barbells

While the choice of decoration is up to you, keep in mind that simple straight barbell just won’t do and you have to order a special industrial barbell for your piercing.

jewelry used for an industrial ear piercing

The jewelry used for an industrial ear piercing is simple but very effective. While straight barbells are typically used, it doesn’t mean that the jewelry itself has to be plain. The position of the piercing is very visually effective and it stands out even if the simplest straight barbell is used, so you might be satisfied with a “plain” straight barbell for your industrial piercing.

red arrow titanium barbells

However, there are other options. For example, you can use titanium barbells in various colors to make your industrial piercing stand out. Or you may use a straight barbell with uniquely-shaped balls on the end.

titanium barbells

Another thing to spice up your industrial piercing is to use special bars with spirals and twists. These twisted barbells look very effective and unique. You may also use straight barbells with small ornaments, such as skulls or hearts, depending on your individual style and the effect you wish to achieve.

industrial ear piercing is a pair of captive bead rings

Another type of jewelry used for an industrial ear piercing is a pair of captive bead rings. These are not as effective as they don’t produce an effect of connected holes so they look like two piercings. But captive bead rings can be a nice choice for initial piercing, during the healing period.

Industrial ear piercing procedure

An industrial piercing has to be placed properly in order to work. Since this piercing consists of two holes connected by a single barbell, it means the holes have to be positioned properly and carefully. Inadequate placement will not only look bad but will also make it difficult or impossible to put a single barbell through both holes.

How does the industrial ear piercing procedure performed? In General, it’s not as simple as it may seem, because it is better to address to real piercer experts in a salon. The procedure is carried out either straight or curved needle with or without catheter. The first hole is done as close as possible to the head, the second is done further away. The barbell is inserted right after that.

Vertical Industrial Ear Piercing video

If you read the reviews about the industrial piercing, you can see that this procedure is considered relatively painless.

Industrial ear piercing healing time: 6-12 months.

  • Industrial piercing can be done in one procedure or can be split in miletones;
  • Milestone work allows you to first fully heal each made piercing, after thta they are connected through with specially selected jewelry;
  • A milestone work helps to reduce the level of complications;
  • Poorly selected decoration significantly increases the level of complications of this type of piercing.

Industrial Piercing Direction

You don’t have to restrict yourself for just one type of industrial ear piercing placement. While diagonal is the most common choice (in which the barbell goes diagonally from one side of the ear to the other), you may choose a different placement. For example, many people choose horizontal of vertical Industrial placement.

diagonal industrial ear piercing

The most common industrial piercing type (diagonal) actually consists of a helix and anti-helix piercing connected by the same barbell.

horizontal Industrial Piercings

Vertical industrial ear piercing consists of a rook and a daith piercing, two conch piercings, anti-helix and a rook piercing or a daith and a lower conch piercing. Other combinations are also possible. You may even run two industrial piercings parallel to each other.

Industrial ear piercing aftercare

Aftercare is very important for any piercing, but it becomes even more vital in the case of  industrial piercing because there are basically two new piercings you have to care of. Here are quick tips on how to care for your new industrial piercing:

  • Clean both of your piercings regularly. It’s best to use a simple saline solution or special cleaners designed for new piercings. Don’t use harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid hot tubs and swimming pools during the initial stage of healing.
  • Don’t touch your new piercing and don’t twist the jewelry.
  • Keep your hair away from the piercing and avoid wearing earphones for a while.
  • Check your piercing regularly to see if it’s healing properly.
  • If you notice any problems or if your piercing becomes tender, it’s a sign that there’s a problem. Make sure to clean it properly, but if the problem resist, consult your doctor. Ear cartilage piercings aftercare is very important as it can get infected quickly and they can lead to numerous problems if not treated immediately.

Industrial ear piercing history

Although the industrial piercing came first, it was widely promoted and got popular with the spread of the same name musical style, that is, roughly since the mid-seventies.

Industrial ear piercing history

Eventually industrial piercing ceased to be something of subculture, it became somewhat more widespread, so now it can be found even on people who do not consider themselves to be so informal.

Industrial ear piercing history 2

People often pierce their ears, but sometimes you want something more unique and original. There are options for body piercing, which allow to bring special attention to your ears. These include the industrial style. Bright in its essence, it still might be effectively stylized (for example, your ear can pierce not just the bar, and arrow).

You can see various photos of industrial piercing in our gallery and choose the option that you prefer.