Fan Noise What Can I Do About It When It Comes to My Hearing Aid?

A lot of people will avoid using a hearing aid because they don't want the background noises to be amplified over that of a normal conversation with someone in the room. With all of the improvements that have been made in hearing aids over the years, a person will have no problem being able to hear when there is background noise going on around them. However, noise that operates on a continuous basis can be difficult for even the most advanced aids to be able to control.

The noise from a fan is very high in pitch, which happens to be exactly what a hearing aid is designed for amplifying. Being able to understand others talking goes hand-in-hand with high pitch noises. You are not able to turn down your hearing device pitch without posing a risk with the clarity of others speaking. There are a few different methods that you can try without compromising what you need to hear in an everyday environment.

Effectively Reducing the Noise that You Hear

If at all possible, you should purchase the digital aids that you can program. Any unit that is older than 2003 should be upgraded with the new hearing aid technology on the market. Within the newer aids there are programs that can help reduce the background noises without posing any threat to the quality of sound going on around you. You will still be able to understand what others are saying the same as before, but without the additional noise.

Whenever you are dealing with a noise that is around on a continual basis, one of the advanced hearing devices will work to measure how intense the noise is and where it is coming from in an attempt to bring it down to a level that is more appropriate for you to handle. Some of the aids on the market will even turn themselves down in an effort to reduce the level of noise from the fan. Others will even turn off part of the microphone in the device as a way to remove any excessive noise.

The vast majority of aids even have buttons on the hearing aid itself to allow you to access the controls at the touch of a finger. There are other styles that come with a remote to make operation a breeze. All of the various buttons allow you to be able to access all of the different programs within the unit's memory. Most of the units that have multiple memory options will also come equipped with a boost to help in the reduction of noise.

If there is a fan that is extremely noisy, you simply push the program button on the remote or the hearing aid itself. You will hear a couple of beeps as you are pushing the button. All you need to do is wait a moment and see if there is any difference in the level of noise. Try pushing the button again to make any additional changes in the hearing levels. Through a series of different trial and error methods you will eventually notice a big difference in how loud the fan noise is.

Turn the volume on your aid down. Some of the hearing devices that are not digital will not have a program button, but they will in fact have a volume control. Using the tiny wheel on your aid you will be able to turn the volume up or down on the hearing aid. Make sure that you only turn it down enough to help limit the amount of noise from the fan. If you are lucky enough to have a hearing aid that allows you to adjust the volume via remote control, that will be a great way to lower the volume to just the right level for your device.

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